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Cusps, those fascinating dental eminences, play a crucial role in your oral health. These tiny but mighty structures are worth exploring:

  • Cusps Defined: A cusp is an occlusal or incisal eminence found on a tooth. Canine teeth, also known as cuspids, boast a single cusp each, while premolars, or bicuspids, sport two. Molars typically come equipped with four or five cusps. Notably, some populations exhibit an extra fifth cusp on the mesiolingual cusp of maxillary molars, known as the Cusp of Carabelli.
  • Buccal Cusp: One intriguing variation to explore is the 'Uto-Aztecan' upper premolar. This unique bulge on the buccal cusp is primarily found in Native American Indians, with the highest prevalence in Arizona. While not a strictly dental term, it originates from a regional linguistic division of Native American Indian language groups.
  • Understanding Buccal: Buccal refers to the side of a tooth adjacent to or facing the inside of the cheek. This term distinguishes it from lingual or palatal, which refer to the side of a tooth adjacent to or facing the tongue or palate, respectively. While typically used in the context of posterior teeth (where the cheeks are present instead of lips), the term can extend to describe the facial surface of or directions in relation to anterior teeth as well.

Now that you've delved into the world of cusps and dental terminology, remember that understanding these nuances is part of comprehensive oral care. To explore further or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Raja Sandhu at Dentistry @ Prescott, reach out to us at (613) 925-2887. We're conveniently located at 555 King St W in Prescott, ON.

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