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Understanding the Significance of Dental Arches

The dental arches form the distinctive crescent arrangements of teeth in the upper and lower jaws. In both humans and many other species, these arches collectively make up the dentition, or the arrangement of teeth in the mouth. Within the dental arches, the superior (upper) and inferior (lower) arches play essential roles in maintaining oral health and proper occlusion.

Occlusion and Arch Relationships

The occlusion, which refers to how the jaws align and the teeth come together when the mouth is closed, is crucial for dental function and overall facial development. The dental arches contribute to the occlusion, and their relationship determines how the upper and lower teeth meet during biting and chewing.

In a normal occlusion, the upper arch is slightly larger than the lower arch, causing the upper teeth to overlap the lower teeth both in the front and on the sides. The position of the dental arches and the occlusion are subject to malocclusion or misalignment, which can occur due to factors such as imperfect facial or dental development.

Arch Structure and Tooth Positioning

Teeth in the upper arch are arranged differently from those in the lower arch. For instance, the upper central incisors are wider than the lower ones, leading to an arrangement where the upper and lower teeth do not perfectly correspond when the mouth is closed. The size of the dental arch is pivotal in determining how teeth are positioned as they emerge.

The Impact of Arch Size

The size of the dental arch is crucial for proper dental alignment and occlusion. As a child grows, the arch can expand, allowing enough space for teeth to emerge naturally. A small arch can lead to teeth growing too close together, resulting in overlapping and misaligned teeth. Such conditions can create challenges during chewing, as teeth may tilt at awkward angles, leading to gum pressure and potential infections.

Your Partner in Dental Health

At Dentistry @ Prescott, we recognize the significance of dental arch structure in maintaining oral health and function. If you have concerns about your dental arches, occlusion, or overall dental well-being, do not hesitate to contact us at (613) 925-2887. Our practice, located at 555 King St W in Prescott, ON, is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care to address your needs and promote a healthy smile.

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